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Benefits of Large CBD Purchases

Working with dozens of CBD resellers and dozens of CBD consumers the CBD Buyers Club often end up with excess CBD Inventory.

It is not unusual for our Club Members to combine orders to get lower prices... sometimes we buy more than is immediately needed just to get a lower price. We then make this inventory to you a deeply discounted prices!

Benefit from larger purchases made by others.

Save Hundreds of Dollars

Since forming The CBD Buyers Club in 2011 we have helped hundreds of CBD customer save thousands of dollars.

In fact, we take pride in helping to drive pricing lower by providing our clients with pricing well below the "sale" price of the various online resellers and brand merchants.

In fact, right now, perhaps somebody you know is paying twice as much as they should be for most popular brands or their counterparts.

Money most of them do not have!

While Supplies Last

Since the CBD Offerings listed here are the result of large group buys, trade show inventory, private client buy extras, or otherwise considered "excess" in that it was never bought with the intent to add to retail inventory - what is shown today may not be available tomorrow.

That is the bad news, the good news is that if you revisit often you never know what Cannabidiol offerings may be available at that time. So check out today's offerings but do make sure to bookmark this website.

High CBD Hemp Oil Offerings

25 % Full Spectrum Gold Oil

HCHO 10g 25% CBD Gold Oil 

Full Spectrum
Limited Time CBD Buyer Club Offer
Get Today For Only $135.00! 

40% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

HCHO 10g 40% CBD Gold Oil

Full Spectrum

Limited Time CBD Buyer Club Offer
Get Today For Only $210.00!

500mg CBD Drops Hemp Oil

1 Ounce Bottle 500mg CBD
Hemp Seed Oil Blend

Limited Time Buyers Club Offer
Unflavored -Get it today for only $45.00!
Mint -Get it today for only $45.00!

500mg CBD Oral Sprays

Inventory Reduction

2 Ounce Bottle 500mg CBD Oral Spray


Unflavored - Get it today for only $45.00

500mg CBD Drops Coconut MCT

1 Ounce Bottle 500mg CBD
Coconut MCT Oil Blend

Limited Time Buyers Club Offer

Unflavored - Get it today for only $45.00!
Mint - Get it today for only $45.00!
Lemon - Get it today for only $45.00!

Highly Concentrated CBD Tinture

Inventory Reduction

10ml Bottle offering 500mg CBD -  SALE

Click Here Now - Close Out $37.50


Fast Shipping Nationwide

High CBD Capsule Offers

30ct 25mg CBD per Capsule Sample
White Labeled - Unbranded - Capsules
Regularly Price $109.00 

Get Today For Only $60.00

30ct 25mg Bio-Ready CBD per Capsule
Sample - Bulk Packaging - Gel Caps
Regularly Price $149.00

Limited Time CBD Buyers Club Offer  
Get Today For Only $75.00

10-12mg CBD Gummies

Sold Out - Contact to be put on Waiting List!

99.9% CBD Crystals

99.9% Plus CBD Crystal Isolate

One gram offers 999 mg plus of CBD. 

Special Offering Price is Only $45 a gram
Click Here to Claim This Offer!

99.9% Plus CBD Crystal Isolate
Buy 4 Grams and Save Even More

Only $40 a gram Shipping Included.

Why Pay Retail - Join the club

Choose Offer Above and Send a Quick Note to Join

We will send your Private Ordering Instructions

We are a "club" and make our CBD offerings only available to members as we do not advertise in any way... if you find or were referred to this page you can join using form above and indicating which introductory offer you would like to buy - MEMBERSHIP IS FREE !

The CBD Guy's

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Member Only Cannabidiol Offers

Membership has It's Privileges

The CBD Buyers Club offers are usually a mix of popular CBD offers and the occasional Small Batch Private offers only available to club members. Join the club by picking one of the offers and above - you will receive instructions via email.